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Configuration files and scripts are now created during the install ph…

…ase rather than during configure. This allows values such as @sysconfdir@ to be used in the template configuration files. (adding, required by r2224)
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commit 5c65f9aded6cf97f4e912ca9c69204fea72007da 1 parent 6e21604
d_pocock authored
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@@ -0,0 +1,13 @@
+FIXCONFIG = $(top_srcdir)/scripts/fixconfig
+# Unfortunately, we can't do this here with a pattern rule because
+# that is a GNU make feature and is not fully portable
+# $(FIXCONFIG) $<
+# For the moment, it is necessary to provide a rule for each file
+# we want to generate - see the rule for ganglia-config in
+# for an example
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