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Add derivative to list of legal values for slope in gmetric help mess…

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1 parent b074f8d commit a9bbf8ab9a0a7e13ed18bdfa74b4c363c439986c Dan Bradley committed Jul 5, 2013
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@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ const char *gengetopt_args_info_help[] = {
" -v, --value=STRING Value of the metric",
" -t, --type=STRING Either \n string|int8|uint8|int16|uint16|int32|uint32|float|double",
" -u, --units=STRING Unit of measure for the value e.g. Kilobytes, Celcius \n (default=`')",
- " -s, --slope=STRING Either zero|positive|negative|both (default=`both')",
+ " -s, --slope=STRING Either zero|positive|negative|both|derivative (default=`both')",
" -x, --tmax=INT The maximum time in seconds between gmetric calls \n (default=`60')",
" -d, --dmax=INT The lifetime in seconds of this metric (default=`0')",
" -g, --group=STRING Group(s) of the metric (comma-separated)",

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