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Jan 06, 2007

  1. No commit message

    massie authored

Jan 29, 2003

  1. This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag

    (no author) authored
  2. Edited language for clarity.

    sacerdoti authored

Jan 07, 2003

  1. Fixed a bug in machine/linux.c for bytes_in bytes_out

    massie authored

Dec 11, 2002

  1. Cleanup thread interval should be 300sec.

    sacerdoti authored

Dec 09, 2002

  1. GRID-aware DTD. Does not verify for some reason, seems right. Is recu…

    …rsion allowed?
    sacerdoti authored
  2. Due to popular demand, the debug level and location tag can be

    specified on the command line.
    The debug output has been pared down a bit as well.
    sacerdoti authored
  3. Bumped version to 2.5.2.

    sacerdoti authored
  4. The grid-aware patch.

    Gmetad now wraps its data sources in a GRID tag. Nested GRIDs are allowed.
    The purpose for this new tag is to distribute the load of keeping RRDs, which
    has been identified as a computation and I/O bottleneck.
    New features:
    -Grid Composability (meta-meta*)
    -Can use hostnames in trusted host declarations
    -Settable polling interval for sources [1]
    -Debug command line option
    -Cleaner code for rrd_helpers.c and others.
    -Keeps swap_total summary RRDs for swap display on MEM graphs.
    [1] The polling interval is the time between XML pulls from a data source.
    It is optional, with a default of 15sec as before. Be aware that the
    RRDs rely on this value when deciding if a primary data point (PDP) is
    "undefined". You should only change this value if you are creating new
    RRDs. If the polling interval is changed after the RRD files have been
    created, graphs in the webfrontend will not display correctly. Perhaps
    this can be changed in the future with a call to "rrdtune".
    This code has been tested on Linux only, and is not ready for release until
    verified on other platforms.
    sacerdoti authored

Dec 03, 2002

  1. Added a patch from dotconf upstream to fix warning about signedness

    of char.
    pmsmith authored

Nov 13, 2002

  1. *** empty log message ***

    massie authored

Nov 08, 2002

  1. Normal case for monitoring a cluster is a single data source from the…

    … localhost.
    sacerdoti authored
  2. Needed to Obsolete: ganglia-monitor-core

    massie authored

Nov 07, 2002

  1. Removed DOTCONF_LIBS.

    sacerdoti authored

Oct 30, 2002

  1. Added signal( SIGPIPE, SIG_IGN ) in gmetad and gmond on advice by Lei…

    …f Nixon
    massie authored
  2. Added patch from Martin Knoblauch for HPUX support

    massie authored
  3. Fixed a mutex problem

    massie authored

Oct 18, 2002

  1. Cleaned up spacing.

    sacerdoti authored

Oct 17, 2002

  1. *** empty log message ***

    massie authored
  2. *** empty log message ***

    massie authored
  3. *** empty log message ***

    massie authored

Oct 15, 2002

  1. *** empty log message ***

    massie authored
  2. Split gmetad/gmond into subpackages for easier service management.

    sacerdoti authored
  3. Spacing changes. Aniticpating 2.5.1 release.

    sacerdoti authored

Oct 14, 2002

  1. Couple little changes for ganglia to build on MacOS X:

      * added check for poll.h in configure, which doesn't seem present on OS X.
      * added configure code to link darwin.c to machine.c
      * Added function stub darwin.c
      * changed the typedef for host_t in ganglia.c|h, since OS X has a host_t
        in mach/mach_types.h (The diff is small, so if this breaks something,
        it'll be an easy fix :) )
      * changed a line in bootstrap to make automake --copy rather than symlink.
    pmsmith authored

Oct 11, 2002

  1. Small correctness changes.

    sacerdoti authored

Oct 08, 2002

  1. Fixed a missing #ifdef for PMAPI, and added a README.AIX

    pmsmith authored

Sep 25, 2002

  1. The Cleanup Patch

    Bumped the version to 2.5.1. Added the cleanup thread that enforces the
    DMAX attribute on HOSTS and METRICS. This means that hosts and metrics can
    be timed out of the XML tree (and hashes) as specified. The definition is:
    'A metric will be deleted DMAX seconds after it is received, and DMAX=0 means
    eternal life.'
    Currently hosts and builtin metrics will NEVER be deleted, however once
    this code is hammered (tested hard) this may change. Gmetric, however, now has the
    ability to specify --dmax and it will be enforced.
    Other various code-language cleanups have also been incorporated by this patch.
    sacerdoti authored

Sep 24, 2002

  1. Updated debian changelog.

    pmsmith authored

Sep 23, 2002

  1. Debian-related fixes, fixed a weird Build-depends issue.

    pmsmith authored

Sep 20, 2002

  1. Added my email

    sacerdoti authored
  2. added postrm's.

    some fixes.
    pmsmith authored
  3. Added debian/ dir into CVS.

    pmsmith authored
  4. making /var/lib/ganglia/rrds directory too.

    sacerdoti authored
  5. *** empty log message ***

    massie authored
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