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modules Add guest and gnice to the multicpu module Feb 15, 2017
python_modules Use variable for conf.pod instead of repeating Jun 3, 2016
cmdline.h Make gzip output for TCP accept channels configurable per TCP accept … Apr 28, 2013 Adding gzipped-XML-tree support to gmond, gmetad, and gmetad-python Jan 28, 2013
conf.pod Document the global "tags" attribute May 17, 2016
core_metrics.c rearrange the header files to support building metric module outside … Mar 28, 2008
dtd.h Fixed DTD by moving TAGS attribute to HOST element from CLUSTER. Feb 2, 2012
g25_config.c Fixes #245 May 3, 2016
gmond.aix.init [gmond] Improved version of AIX gmond init script. An additional test… Oct 27, 2010
gmond.init.SuSE [] Fix systemd service file for gmond. Feb 27, 2014
sflow.c Fix for issue #246 - minor typo in conversion from sflow data to gmon… Dec 5, 2016
sflow.h Added sFlow support for new CPU counters now sent by hsflowd: Dec 5, 2014
sflow_gmetric.h Make sflow use the short guest nice name too Jun 14, 2016