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modules Add cpu_guest and cpu_gnice (guest_nice) [mod_cpu] Apr 22, 2016
perl_modules Fix typo. May 29, 2012
python_modules fix indent to use whitespace Feb 16, 2016 Tidy long lines, makes diff easier to read Mar 28, 2014 Need to remove gzip options from the command line Apr 28, 2013
cmdline.h Make gzip output for TCP accept channels configurable per TCP accept … Apr 28, 2013 Adding gzipped-XML-tree support to gmond, gmetad, and gmetad-python Jan 28, 2013
conf.pod Document the global "tags" attribute May 16, 2016
core_metrics.c rearrange the header files to support building metric module outside … Mar 28, 2008
dtd.h Fixed DTD by moving TAGS attribute to HOST element from CLUSTER. Feb 2, 2012
g25_config.c Fixes #245 May 2, 2016
g25_config.h Set SYSCONFDIR, and use it when finding and/or generating default con… Aug 10, 2009
gmond.aix.init [gmond] Improved version of AIX gmond init script. An additional test… Oct 27, 2010
gmond.c Merge pull request #158 from nttdata-osscloud/fix_segfault_on_socket_… May 5, 2016
gmond.init Update init scripts to follow the current recommendations/template. Mar 24, 2015
gmond.init.SuSE Remove code preventing startup from runlevel directory Mar 2, 2012 [] Fix systemd service file for gmond. Feb 27, 2014 Configuration files and scripts are now created during the install ph… Jan 14, 2010
gmond_internal.h Add additional thread mutex lock for hostdata hashtable Sep 19, 2012
sflow.c Fix documentation for sflow cpu_guest (cpu_user) Apr 22, 2016
sflow.h Added sFlow support for new CPU counters now sent by hsflowd: Dec 4, 2014
sflow_gmetric.h Added sFlow support for new CPU counters now sent by hsflowd: Dec 5, 2014
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