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Presentator Docker image for production Latest Release

This repo provides a Dockerfile to quickly build and set-up a production ready Docker image for Presentator.

You could find an example deployment set-up with docker-compose.yml file in the docker-compose-example directory.

If you are looking for a development Docker set-up, plase check the Presentator project repo.

Available versions

  • ganigeorgiev/presentator:latest
  • ganigeorgiev/presentator:1.12.0, ganigeorgiev/presentator:1.12
  • ganigeorgiev/presentator:1.11.3, ganigeorgiev/presentator:1.11.2, ganigeorgiev/presentator:1.11.1, ganigeorgiev/presentator:1.11.0, ganigeorgiev/presentator:1.11
  • ganigeorgiev/presentator:1.10.0, ganigeorgiev/presentator:1.10
  • ganigeorgiev/presentator:1.9.1, ganigeorgiev/presentator:1.9.0, ganigeorgiev/presentator:1.9

The tag versions correspond to the actual release versions of Presentator.