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Before you get started, it's a good idea to backup your database and all Presentator files.

WARNING: The update process will affect all core files used to run Presentator. If you have made any modifications to those files, your changes will be lost.

For v1.6.0+

Navigate to your project root directory and run the update console command:

# navigate to project root dir
cd /path/to/presentator

# run the update console command
php yii update

Before v1.6.0

  1. Download the latest build from https://presentator.io/downloads/latest.

  2. Extract and replace the archive in your project root directory (don't worry, your main-local and params-local configurations will be not deleted).

  3. Delete the app installer directory:

    rm -rf /path/to/presentator/app/web/install
  4. Run php yii migrate/up.

For follow-up updates follow the instuctions For v1.6.0+

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