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Ganjoor-TeX is a set of scripts to convert the content of the (a Persian poetry) website into TeX files.

Getting started

Html to Text

The script reads the content of the and creates text files.

usage:   ./ <ganjoor link> <txt directory>

example: ./ moulavi/masnavi/daftar1/

Text to TeX

The script reads the content of text files generated by and creates TeX files.

usage:   ./ <txt directory> <tex directory>

example: ./ ../txt/moulavi/masnavi/daftar1/ moulavi/masnavi/daftar1/

TeX to PDF

Using xelatex the TeX files generated by are converted into PDF files.

usage:   xelatex <tex file>

example: xelatex daftar1.tex

The Persian fonts must have been installed before compiling the TeX files.

git clone

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