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Contributing to Tiny-slider

Thanks for considering contributing to Tiny-slider. 🎉 👏
With the help of contributors like you, Tiny-slider will work better for everyone.

Why this project?

Tiny-slider was strongly inspired by Owl Carousel which is a very powerful and awesome tool to make a slide show. But I don't want to include jQuery just for a slider (Do you?), that's why I started this project. Right now Tiny-slider is still young and may have some issues and lack some features. We can work together to make it much more useful for the whole community.

Features needed:

  • automate test
  • custom build (build Tiny-slider based on your needs)
  • modular

How can I contribute?

Fire an issue

We can't test Tiny-slider on every browser and device. There are always some edge cases in which tiny-slider may not run properly. Fire an issue when it doesn't work for you. This not only helps you, also prevent others from facing the same issue.
Notes for firing issues:

  • Before you fire an issue, make sure you update to the latest version of each main version. (e.g. v2.9.2 for version 2)
  • Provide the OS and browser version.
  • Provide a link or your plugin options.

Request missing features

It's those who use tiny-slider shape the future of this project. If there is one missing part which you really need in your project, let us know and we will try to add it.

Submit a pull request

If you know what's wrong or missing and willing to help ❤️ 👏 👍, follow the following steps:

  • Open your command line tool, go to the target directory, clone this project with git clone command.
  • Install Docker (Mac, Windows) and run.
  • Pull the required image with docker pull cmcdev/web in the command line tool.
  • Run docker-compose up in the command line tool after located in the cloned directory.
  • Make changes in "src/tiny-slider.js", "src/tiny-slider.helper.ie8.js" or "src/tiny-slider.scss" and a series of tasks will automatically run to minify, compile source files to final js and CSS files.
  • Test the project with "http://localhost:3000/test/index.html".
  • Turn down Docker with docker-compose down -v following command + C (Mac).

NOTE: If you don't want to get complicated, just make changes to "src/tiny-slider.js", "src/tiny-slider.helper.ie8.js" or "src/tiny-slider.scss" and send a pull request.

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