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Merge pull request #380 from hstruebe/master

fix test url for #358
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ganlanyuan committed Sep 4, 2019
2 parents 76a14d3 + ba8050e commit b399ca6a6b8401e3ae046e7a9bb0f7b68729a55c
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@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ If you know what's wrong or missing and willing to help :heart: :clap: :+1:, fol
- Pull the required image with `docker pull cmcdev/web` in the command line tool.
- Run `docker-compose up` in the command line tool after located in the cloned directory.
- Make changes in "src/tiny-slider.js", "src/tiny-slider.helper.ie8.js" or "src/tiny-slider.scss" and a series of tasks will automatically run to minify, compile source files to final js and CSS files.
- Test the project with "http://localhost:3000/tests/tests.html".
- Test the project with "http://localhost:3000/test/index.html".
- Turn down Docker with `docker-compose down -v` following command + C (Mac).

NOTE: If you don't want to get complicated, just make changes to "src/tiny-slider.js", "src/tiny-slider.helper.ie8.js" or "src/tiny-slider.scss" and send a pull request.

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