Inofficial Gentoo Overlay for FreeIPA and related ebuilds
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app-admin update authconfig to latest upstream version 6.2.8 Dec 11, 2013


Inofficial Gentoo Overlay for FreeIPA and related ebuilds

This Gentoo overlay should act as a brewery for FreeIPA related ebuilds. It contains ebuild for the following applications and libraries:

  • app-admin/authconfig (6.2.4) - Tool for setting up authentication from network services
  • app-admin/freeipa (2.2.1) - The Identity, Policy and Audit system
  • app-crypt/certmonger (0.61) - D-Bus -based service to simplify interaction with certificate authorities
  • dev-java/jss (4.2.6) - Network Security Services for Java (JSS)
  • dev-java/osutil (2.0.2) - Operating System Utilities JNI Package
  • dev-java/tomcatjss (6.0.2) - JSSE implementation using JSS for Tomcat
  • dev-python/python-krbV (1.0.90) - Python extension module for Kerberos 5
  • media-gfx/ipa-pki-theme (9.0.5) - PKI User Interface utilized by IPA
  • net-nds/389-ds-base ( - 389 Directory Server (core librares and daemons)
  • sys-auth/sssd (1.13.4) - System Security Services Daemon provides access to identity and authentication

So far, the FreeIPA ebuild is able to successfully configure a Gentoo box as nearly fully-featured IPA client. For server support a lot more ebuilds of dependencies are required to be written yet. Any help is appreciated.

ATTENTION: This overlay is highly experimental. Don’t use it on your workstation if you are not familiar with FreeIPA and its technologies. It might break your system login. I don’t take any responsibility if you blow up your machine. You have been warned!