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Ansible Role: Postman

Tests Ansible Galaxy License

Role to download and install the Postman HTTP tool.


  • Ansible >= 2.9

  • Linux Distribution

    • Debian Family

      • Ubuntu

        • Bionic (18.04)
        • Focal (20.04)
    • Note: other versions are likely to work but have not been tested.

Role Variables

The following variables will change the behavior of this role (default values are shown below):

# URL to download the Postman redistributable package from
postman_redis_url: ''

# Base installation directory for the Postman distribution
postman_install_dir: '/opt/Postman'

# Directory to store files downloaded for the Postman installation
postman_download_dir: "{{ x_ansible_download_dir | default(ansible_env.HOME + '/.ansible/tmp/downloads') }}"

Example Playbook

- hosts: servers
     - role: gantsign.postman

More Roles From GantSign

You can find more roles from GantSign on Ansible Galaxy.

Development & Testing

This project uses Molecule to aid in the development and testing; the role is unit tested using Testinfra and pytest.

To develop or test you'll need to have installed the following:

Because the above can be tricky to install, this project includes Molecule Wrapper. Molecule Wrapper is a shell script that installs Molecule and it's dependencies (apart from Linux) and then executes Molecule with the command you pass it.

To test this role using Molecule Wrapper run the following command from the project root:

./moleculew test

Note: some of the dependencies need sudo permission to install.



Author Information

John Freeman

GantSign Ltd. Company No. 06109112 (registered in England)