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Code style configuration for IntelliJ IDEA.
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GantSign Code Style Configuration

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Code Style Configuration for code written by GantSign using IntelliJ IDEA.


This project contains two code styles:

  • GantSign.xml

    The original GantSign IntelliJ Code Style; custom code style focusing on readability and minimizing version control changes.

    The indent is 2 spaces (rather than 4) to make functional style code more readable (functional code often has deeper levels of nesting).

    Mandatory line wrapping for enum/array values and implements/extends/throws lists both aids readability and minimizes the scope of version control changes.

    Continuation indents are fixed rather than aligned with parentheses to eliminate unnecessary version control changes.

    Line wrapping by the developer is preserved so the developer can manually layout the code for better readability.

  • GantSign2.xml

    The goals of GantSign2.xml are to avoid bikeshedding and to enable automated code reformatting as part of the build.


This software is licensed under the terms in the file named "LICENSE" in the root directory of this project.

Author Information

John Freeman

GantSign Ltd. Company No. 06109112 (registered in England)

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