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Inspection profile for IntelliJ IDEA.
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If you have a chain of operations you should use a sequence.
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GantSign IntelliJ IDEA Inspection Profile

The inspections built into IntelliJ IDEA are a powerful tool to educate developers and improve code quality; however, the default configuration profile is quite conservative, appropriate for existing codebases as well as new code. If you're working on a new codebase a stricter inspection profile will encourage more best practice and further improve code quality.

The GantSign IntelliJ IDEA Inspection Profile (for Java and Kotlin) is much stricter than the default inspection profile, many inspections are upgraded from warnings to errors and additional inspections are enabled. This inspection profile is ideal for new projects and particularly beneficial to less experienced developers.

By catching basic code quality issues in the IDE this reduces the need to address such issues in code review.


This software is licensed under the terms in the file named "LICENSE" in the root directory of this project.

Author Information

John Freeman

GantSign Ltd. Company No. 06109112 (registered in England)

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