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Panoramic Robust PCA

This package contains the implementation and example usages of the Panoramic Robust Principal Component Analysis (PRPCA) method, an algorithm for producing robust estimates of the foreground and background of a scene from possibly corrupted video with arbitrary camera motion. For more information, see the project website.

If you have any questions, contact Chen Gao.


To generate some reconstructions using PRPCA, simply run the examples in demo.m. The script contains examples of processing both grayscale and color videos in the noiseless and noisy (salt and pepper) regimes.



  • data/tennis: 35 frames of the Tennis sequence. Color images with resolution 480 x 854. Also contains homographies computed by the registerVideo function for mapping each frame to the coordinates of the 17th frame of the sequence


  • demo.m: Example uses of PRPCA to perform robust foreground-background separation from video with arbitrary camera motion

Main Functions

  • src/PRPCA.m: Main function for the PRCPA method as described in the papers cited below
  • src/PRPCA_noiseless.m: An implementation of PRPCA intended for the noiseless (possibly moving camera) setting. This implementation uses ell-1 based regularization for the foreground and omits the total variation-regularized component, which is not essential when there is no corruption to disentangle from the foreground component

Other Functions

  • src/adjustLS.m: Adjusts the low-rank and sparse components of a total variation-regularized foreground-background decomposition to account for the constant-offset-invariance of the TV penalty
  • src/augRobustPCA.m: Solves the Augmented Robust PCA problem with low-rank background, total variation-regularized foreground, and an addition sparse component to capture residual corruptions
  • src/cleanBackground.m: Cleans the background component of a panoramic foreground-background grayscale video reconstruction
  • src/cleanBackground_RGB.m: Cleans the background component of a panoramic foreground-background RGB video reconstruction
  • src/correctLighting.m: Attempts to correct non-uniform lighting effects in a panoramic image
  • src/formatForDisplay.m: Formats a decomposition for display by appropriately scaling and clamping the components to [0, 1]
  • src/OptShrink.m: Implementation of the data-driven OptShrink low-rank matrix estimator
  • src/pano2video.m: Transforms a panoramic grayscale video back to its native perspective
  • src/pano2video_RGB.m: Transforms a panoramic RGB video back to its native perspective
  • src/PlayMovie.m: Utility function for visualizing a data tensor as a video
  • src/registerVideo.m: registers the frames of a video to a common reference perspective
  • src/robustPCA.m: Approximately solves the Robust PCA problem using an OptShrink-based low-rank update
  • src/tvdn.m: Solves the subsampled total-variation with denoising (TVDN) problem
  • src/writeGIF.m: Utility function for writing a GIF image.


This code is made available with the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.


If you use this code, we request that you cite the following papers:

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    author    = {Gao, Chen and Moore, Brian E and Nadakuditi, Raj Rao},
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    booktitle = {2017 IEEE Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing (GlobalSIP)}
    month     = {November},
    year      = {2017},
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Panoramic robust PCA for foreground-background separation on noisy, free-motion camera video





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