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Beam Configuration Service

BCS is a configuration management solution based on ZooKeeper. It provides a client with convenient APIs to read data and subscribe modification from ZooKeeper.


Beam common framework needs to be installed.



git clone
cd beam-cs
mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip

Maven Dependency



public class ConfigClientExample {
    private static final Logger LOG = LoggerFactory.getLogger(ConfigClientExample.class);
    private static final String ZK_PATH = "/beam/cs/test";
    private BeamConfig config = ConfigClient.getInstance();
    public void start() {
        String data = config.getData(ZK_PATH);"Get data: {}, {}", ZK_PATH, data);
        List<String> children = config.getChildren(ZK_PATH);"Get children: {}, {}", ZK_PATH, children);
        config.setListener(ZK_PATH, new ConfigListener() {
            public void dataChanged(String path, String data) {
      "Data changed: {}, {}", ZK_PATH, data);
            public void childChanged(String path, List<String> children) {
      "Children changed: {}, {}", ZK_PATH, children);
        ThreadUtils.sleep(1000 * 600);
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        new ConfigClientExample().start();

ZooKeeper Connection

Add to your classpath, e.g.


Or use system property

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