[gaomd Customized] Homebridge plugin for Mi Aqara Gateway and Sub Devices.
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Mi Aqara plugin for HomeBridge

This repository contains the Aqara plugin for homebridge.

Aqara is a ZigBee gateway with a few sensors. Please see the pictures below.


  1. Make sure you have V2 of the gateway. V1 has limited space so can't support this feature.
  2. Update gateway firmware to 1.4.1_141.0141 or later. You can contact @babymoney666 if your firmware is not up to date.


  1. Install HomeBridge, please follow it's README. If you are using Raspberry Pi, please read Running-HomeBridge-on-a-Raspberry-Pi.
  2. Make sure you can see HomeBridge in your iOS devices, if not, please go back to step 1.
  3. Download homebridge-mi-aqara to your local folder.


  1. Open Aqara gateway's settings, enable local network protocol. Please follow the steps in this thread: http://bbs.xiaomi.cn/t-13198850. It's in Chinese so you might need a translator to read it.

  2. To control the devices, put gateway's MAC address (lower case without colon) and password to ~/homebridge/config.json.

         "platforms": [
             "platform": "MiAqara",
             "hub_mac_address": ["6409802da3b3"],
             "hub_password": ["02i44k56zrgg578b"]

If you have more than one gateways, fill them in right order, like below.

        "platforms": [
            "platform": "MiAqara",
            "hub_mac_address": ["6409802da3b3", "f0b4299a5b2b", "f0b4299a77dd"],
            "hub_password": ["02i44k56zrgg578b", "g250s2vtne8q9qhv", "syu3oasva3uqd5qd"]

If gateway's password is not set or not set right, you will see the following error in homebridge's output.

    > No password for gateway f0b429cbe4d3, please edit ~/.homebridge/config.json

Run it

  1. From source code

     $ cd /path/to/homebridge-mi-aqara
     $ DEBUG=* homebridge -D -P .
  2. As homebridge plugin

     $ npm install -g homebridge-mi-aqara
     $ homebridge