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Things that need to be done in HPC-GAP. See also: List of open issues with HPC-GAP label

Unification with GAP

See also:


  • add readline support (see issue #467)
  • add color prompt (see issue #39)
  • fix copy&paste in terminal (see issue #1474]
  • stable and highly usable single-threaded mode:
    • [ ]reduce the performance difference in single threaded mode; right now HPC-GAP is slower than GAP in that mode; one major factor that supposedly is Boehm GC (for details, talk to Reimer, or also to Chris, Markus, Max)
    • fix usage issues caused by e.g. things being in different regions, even though the user really only uses a single thread
  • make it trivial to compile kernel extensions against HPC-GAP, e.g. from the io package (right now, one needs to set custom CPPFLAGS, otherwise headers for Boehm GC and libatomic_ops are not found; might also be a problem for GMP headers, if GAP built its own GMP)
  • ...

Backporting code to GAP

Some code in HPC-GAP could be of interest for "plain" GAP, too, and we should investigate backporting it. That includes adding tests and documentation.

Improve accessibility of new features

  • Improve documentation for users
    • verify description of new features, make sure it is correct and up-to-date, and helpful
    • add tons of examples
    • Add some HPC tutorials which show with somewhat non-trivial examples how to use various features together.
  • Improve documentation for package authors
    • e.g. provide instructions and help for "porting" packages to HPC-GAP
  • Improve documentation for library & kernel developers
    • e.g. instructions on how to integrate ward into build system for C kernel extensions...
    • ... and perhaps also some guidelines for packages with C++ kernel extensions (which ward doesn't support)


  • Some related (though possibly outdated or obsolete) references:
  • Document various global #defines like HPCGAP and WARD_ENABLED in a prominent place
  • Allow using system wide versions of Boehm GC and libatomic ops (see issue #1446)
  • Figure out what to do with the MPI code that HPC-GAP brought along (based on ParGAP); see also the relevant pull requests and discussion on the GAP mailing list
  • Adapt packages ...
    • ... to at least load and be usable in single-threaded HPC-GAP ...
    • ... to work in multi-threaded HPC-GAP ...
    • ... to take advantage of multi-threaded HPC-GAP
  • ...
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