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1 parent a8d2805 commit 81e279cbec1acab0e89a9fb4cedc574ad36ace83 @gapan committed Jul 1, 2014
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@@ -4,18 +4,19 @@ CEGUI: cmake
CGAL: cmake
FlightGear: cmake
FreeCAD: cmake
+FreeCAD: gcc-gfortran,boost
HotShots: cmake
JSONObject: boost,cmake
LDView: boost
LucenePlusPlus: cmake
Modules: cmake
MyGUI: boost,cmake
OpenAL: cmake
-OpenCAD: gcc-gfortran,boost
OpenSceneGraph: cmake
OpenXcom: cmake
Packages: cmake
+Pivy: swig
QtCurve-Gtk2: cmake
QtCurve-KDE4: cmake
QtGStreamer: cmake
@@ -237,7 +238,6 @@ pgrouting: cmake
photoqt: cmake
physfs: cmake
pianobooster: cmake
-Pivy: swig
plasma-applet-daisy: cmake
plasma-runner-browsefirefoxbookmarks: cmake
plasma-widget-menubar: cmake

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