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@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ The menu entries that are generated by **xdgmenumaker** are localised
according to the running user locale settings.
**xdgmenumaker** currently supports generating menus for //fluxbox//,
-//icewm//, //pekwm// and //windowmaker//.
+//icewm//, //jwm//, //pekwm// and //windowmaker//.
pyxdg and pygtk are required by **xdgmenumaker**, in addition to python 2.
@@ -37,8 +37,8 @@ pyxdg and pygtk are required by **xdgmenumaker**, in addition to python 2.
: **-f, --format**
specify the output format to use. Valid options are //fluxbox//,
-//icewm//, //pekwm// and //windowmaker//. Specifying the output format is
+//icewm//, //jwm//, //pekwm// and //windowmaker//. Specifying the output
+format is mandatory.
: **-i, --icons**
enable support for icons in the menus. This option does not have any
@@ -128,6 +128,51 @@ to a non existing icon, you essentially set it to use no icon. If you
actually have an icewm icon named "_none_", that one will be used instead.
+: **JWM**
+There are two ways to have an XDG menu in JWM. The first one,
+auto-updates the menu, every time the menu is called. The second one,
+updates the menu only when the user wants to.
+**Dynamic Menus**
+You can edit your //~/.jwmrc// file and add a line that generates the
+applications menu on the fly, like this:
+``<Include>exec: xdgmenumaker -n -i -f jwm</Include>``
+You need to put that line somewhere in the //RootMenu// section of the
+//~/.jwmrc// file.
+Restart JWM and the generated menu should appear. The menu will be
+automatically generated every time you access it, so it will always be
+up to date. But since xdgmenumaker will run every time you access the
+menu, the menu might not appear instantly, especially if you are using
+an older PC.
+**Static Menus**
+To generate an application menu for JWM, you can run
+**xdgmenumaker** like this:
+``$ xdgmenumaker -n -i -f jwm > ~/.jwm_xdg_menu``
+and then change your //~/.jwmrc// to include this file as a
+submenu. For example, add this somewhere in the //RootMenu// section:
+Note the use of the //$HOME// variable. JWM doesn't seem to support the
+//~// symbol to specify the user's home directory when including files.
+You can add the **xdgmenumaker** command as another item in your menu,
+if you want to update it, without having to run the command manually
+again, by adding a line like this in the //RootMenu// section of your
+//~/.jwmrc// file:
+``<Program label="Update JWM Menu">xdgmenumaker -n -i -f jwm > ~/.jwm_xdg_menu</Program>``
: **pekwm**
There are two ways to have an XDG menu in pekwm. The first one,

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