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Livestreamer-curses is a limited front-end to Chrippa's Livestreamer for UNIX systems. With it you can manage a list of your favorite streams and play them (several at a time if your connection can handle it).



Install using pip install livestreamer-curses which will provide the livestreamer-curses command

To change the way to call livestreamer, use the configuration file (see livestreamer-curses -h for default location). See sample file for configuration options.


  • v1.5.2 (2015-02-18)
    • Bugfixes: Fix imports
  • v1.5.0 (2015-02-17)
    • Feature: Periodically check if streams are online (foreground and blocking, for now). Corresponding configuration variable: CHECK_ONLINE_INTERVAL
  • v1.4.0 (2014-11-13)
    • Feature: Templatable command line
  • v1.3.0 (2014-09-25)
    • Feature: Follow XDG specification, you need to move your old rc and .db files, use -h flag to see where
    • Feature: Add options to overwrite/dump the database from a/to a file
    • Bugfix: dbm issue on Mac OS X
  • v1.2.0 (2014-05-29)
    • Feature: Python 3 support
    • Bugfixes: Window resizing
  • v1.1.0 (2014-05-25)
    • Feature: Added a way to check and filter offline streams. Use O to refresh and o to toggle showing offline. See also CHECK_ONLINE_ON_START option to perform this check when starting livestreamer-curses.
    • Bugfixes: Better handling of special keys and configuration file
  • v1.0.0 (2014-02-24)
    • Backward incompatible changes: change project structure to accomodate for distutils
    • Feature: Added -d and -f options for custom database and config file locations, respectively.
  • v0.32 (2014-02-23)
    • Buxgix: Actually use selected command line (how did I miss this?!)
  • v0.31 (2014-01-09)
    • Buxgix: Streams are now properly sorted when filtering
  • v0.3 (2014-01-09)
    • Feature: .livestreamer-cursesrc file which comes with 2 configuration options, see livestreamer-cursesrc.sample
  • v0.2 (2013-12-22)
    • Feature: filter streams with f key, clear it with F


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