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GapStyle - Being Productive Beyond Your Status Quo.

GapStyle is a world's first* productivity-oriented and semantic-highlighting-driven designed color scheme that each supported language is tailored with rich colors while maintaining a comfortable contrast to help developers boost reading and writing speed in different programming languages.

GapStyle helps you to:

  • Boost reading and writing speed by easily distinguishing syntax from colors and font styles. (Especially the language you are not familiar with)
  • Quickly learn similar syntax across different languages with a universal designed color
  • Spot errors before program execution

* world's first color scheme uses affinitive color plate design** to boost developers' productivity.

** affinitive color plate design uses similar colors to represent sematic-similar syntax, i.e., "class and abstract class", "function parameters, local variables, instance variables". See GapStyle Specification



Intellij VSCode

Language Preview

Kotlin (Android Studio / Intellij) Java (Android Studio / Intellij)
Swift (App Code) Scala (Intellij)
Javascript (Intellij) Python (PyCharm / Intellij)
Go (GoLand / Intellij) PHP (PhpStorm/ WebStorm/ Intellij))
Android Logcat

Actively Maintain Language

IDE Supported Language
IntelliJ Kotlin, Java, Swift, Dart, Rust, Scala, Javascript, Typescript, Go, Python, R, Android Logcat, Android Native (C / C++), Objective-C, SQL, HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby, Erlang, Elixir
VSCode Kotlin, Java, Swift, Scala, Javascript, Typescript, C++, Go, Python, PHP, HTML, XML, JSX, CSS/SCSS/SASS
XCode Swift, Objective C

Learn More About GapStyle

How can GapStyle boost productivity?



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