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React MVVM architecture powered by MobX.

This example is a simple crypto-currency price feed application. It uses websocket price data as a source (provided by binance publicly)


  • MobX is powerful but too free to use. A team should have a standard & flexible architecture/patterns that works/scales from small to large use cases and yet simple to learn.
  • Encourage others to learn reactive data stream concept. (Highly recommended ReactiveX, i.e. RxJs, RxJava, RxSwift)
  • Utilizing functional programming to compose & transform reactive data stream to desired output or behaviour.

The Heart of MVVM

  • A ViewModel(VM) should have NO dependency of React and should have no idea what the view looks like.
  • A correct implementation of MVVM architecture should achieve 100% decoupled business logic / data flow from views.
  • A pure VM is much easier to test than a "React components with state logic".
  • VMs should be light & cheap and be easily re-implemented with the same interface that consumed by the view.
  • If you are using typescript, you can SAFELY compose the VM with a lot of programming skills(Mixins/Traits/Inheritance) heavily used in other language to reduce boilerplate drastically. Typescript compiler can really protect your code base. (Probably this will become the strongest reason to choose typescript over plain javascript)

Run/Edit in CodeSandbox

Live On GitHub Page:

Language CodeSandbox
Javascript + React Hooks Edit mobx-react-price-feed-mvvm-example
Javascript + Standard Class Component Edit mobx-react-price-feed-mvvm-example
Javascript + Standard Class Component + Optional Chaining Edit mobx-react-price-feed-mvvm-example
Typescript + Standard Class Component Edit mobx-react-price-feed-mvvm-example

Run in local

yarn install
yarn start

// go to http://localhost:8080