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Gapotchenko.FX 2020.1 (Release build 2020.1.15)

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@hrumhurum hrumhurum released this 05 Nov 21:30
· 990 commits to master since this release
  • Added support for .NET 5.0 target framework
  • Introduced Gapotchenko.FX.AppModel.Information module that allows to programmatically retrieve information about the app
  • Introduced Gapotchenko.FX.Console module that provides virtual terminal functionality, console traits and a powerful MoreTextWriter primitive for improved user friendliness of your console apps
  • Added nullability annotations for public module APIs
  • Added System.MathF polyfill
  • Added polyfills for nullable annotation attributes
  • Added polyfill for init-only property setters
  • Added Fn.Ignore(value) function that ignores a specified value for languages that do not have a built-in equivalent. A typical usage is to fire and forget a parallel Task without producing a compiler warning
  • Added Process.GetImageFileName() method that allows to retrieve the file name of a running process without security limitations imposed by the host OS
  • Added bool ISet.AddRange(collection) extension method that allows to add elements to a set in bulk
  • Added CommandLine.EscapeArgument and CommandLine.EscapeFileName methods
  • .NET Framework 4.0 target is retired. The minimal supported .NET Framework version is 4.5
  • Fixed issue with ambiguous match of IsNullOrEmpty polyfill method of HashSet<T> type that occurred in .NET 4.6+, .NET Standard 2.0+ and .NET Core 2.0+ target frameworks
  • Fixed issue with ambiguous match of ToHashSet polyfill method of IEnumerable<T> type that occurred in .NET 4.7.2+ target frameworks
  • Fixed issue in Process.ReadEnvironmentVariables() method with environment variable blocks longer than 32768 bytes
  • Fixed issue in WebBrowser.Launch(url) method that might cause an erroneous interpretation of ? and & URL symbols by a web browser on Windows hosts