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Project that aims to simplify Erlang/OTP development and improve developer productivity
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e2 applications require init/0

The thinking at one point may have been to support either
init/0 or init/1, the later taking app config. But as this
isn't implemented in e2_application_sup, we're making init/0
latest commit fa55bb1824
@gar1t authored


e2 is a small Erlang library that helps you write better software in less time.

  • Erlang is hands down the best general purpose language for writing quality software using fewer lines of code
  • It’s not always obvious how to use Erlang to do this
  • e2 makes it obvious!

If you think the first point is controversial, take a closer look at e2 before settling the issue in your mind. It may take some time and effort before all the pieces come together – but isn’t the promise tempting!

Get started here:

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