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Erlang Patterns

Please see for the published site.

The site content is generated using Lambda Pad. See Building below for more information on building the site.

Contributing to the Patterns

Refer to for the project contribution policy.

If you want to add a pattern, simply add a file to the patterns directory that follows the conventions of the other pattern documents in that directory.

To modify a pattern, simply edit the applicable file.

Please submit a pull request to the project to apply your changes.

Currently is updated manually by the project administrator using the master branch of this repository.

If you'd like to ask a question or raise an issue about a pattern, please use the project's issue tracking system.


You don't have to build the project to contribute, however you must build it to preview your changes within the context of the whole site.

Use the instructions below to build the site using LambdaPad.

Install Lambda Pad

You need to first install Lambda Pad.

git clone
cd lambdapad

Add the Lambda Pad bin directory to you path.

Clone Your Fork of the Project

git clone
cd erlang-patterns

View the Presentation

You can view the presentation by simply opening the file:


Or by running:

make serve

and opening http://localhost:8000