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DB Service


This is a simple example of a service oriented approach to a Redis client.

The service is represented by the dbservice module.

The module provides a front-end to a Redis connection, exposing two application functions: get_value and set_value. It's started as a registered service when the application is started.

dbservice performs the following functions:

  • Asynchronously connects to a local Redis server, reconnecting if the connection is lost

  • If the connection is established, passes get_value and set_value through to the client's get and set functions respectively

  • If the connection is not established, generates an error for calls to get_value and set_value


Run the application by changing to its directory and running:

$ make shell

If a local Redis server is running, the dbservice will connect immediately and you can use its functions:

> dbservice:set_value("msg", "Hello!").
> dbservice:get_value("msg").
{ok, <<"Hello!">>}

If the service cannot connect to a local Redis server, it will retry in 5 second intervals.

If the connection to the Redis server is lost, the service will terminate immediately and then be restarted by the application supervisor. It will then be available, but calls to get_value and set_value will fail until a new connection is established:

> dbsevice:get_value("name").
** exception error: not_connected
     in function  dbservice:handle_db_call/1
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