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-export([new/0, part_in/2]).
new() -> [].
part_in({zmq, Socket, Part, [rcvmore]}, Parts) ->
{rcvmore, add_part(Socket, Part, Parts)};
part_in({zmq, Socket, Part, []}, Parts) ->
{SocketParts, NewParts} =
find_socket_parts(Socket, add_part(Socket, Part, Parts)),
{msg, Socket, SocketParts, NewParts}.
add_part(Socket, Part, Parts) ->
[{Socket, Part}|Parts].
find_socket_parts(Socket, Parts) ->
find_socket_parts_acc(Socket, Parts, [], []).
find_socket_parts_acc(_Socket, [], SocketParts, NewParts) ->
{SocketParts, lists:reverse(NewParts)};
find_socket_parts_acc(Socket, [{Socket, Part}|Rest], SocketParts, NewParts) ->
find_socket_parts_acc(Socket, Rest, [Part|SocketParts], NewParts);
find_socket_parts_acc(Socket, [OtherPart|Rest], SocketParts, NewParts) ->
find_socket_parts_acc(Socket, Rest, SocketParts, [OtherPart|NewParts]).
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