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Commits on Jan 23, 2013
  1. Fix broken build with newer versions of aclocal

    Specifically, fixes this error: error: 'AM_CONFIG_HEADER': this macro is obsolete.
        You should use the 'AC_CONFIG_HEADERS' macro instead.
Commits on Jul 6, 2012
  1. @yamt

    add a stub Makefile for BSD make

    yamt committed
Commits on Apr 4, 2012
  1. @chrisavl

    Use zeromq2-x repo

    chrisavl committed
Commits on Mar 7, 2012
  1. @ericbmerritt
Commits on Feb 28, 2012
  1. @yrashk

    Upgrades to zeromq 2.1.11

    yrashk committed
Commits on Feb 9, 2012
  1. @epatey

    Fix uninitialized variable 'option_len' in getsockopt. The parameter …

    epatey committed
    …option_len is a pointer to an in/out variable. On input, it must specify the size of the output buffer. When uninitialized to a value smaller than the result of getsockopt, the method returns EINVAL.
Commits on Nov 6, 2011
  1. @yrashk

    Merge pull request #25 from nivertech/master

    yrashk committed
    rebar clear fix
Commits on Nov 4, 2011
  1. @oribrost
Commits on Sep 1, 2011
  1. @seansawyer
Commits on Jun 12, 2011
  1. @yrashk

    Merge pull request #10 from kevsmith/build_cleanup

    yrashk committed
    Freshened up build to work via rebar only
  2. @yrashk

    Merge pull request #16 from gar1t/robustify

    yrashk committed
    Couple asserts upgraded to handled errors
  3. @kevsmith
Commits on Jun 11, 2011
  1. erlzmq:version/0

Commits on Jun 10, 2011
  1. @ianbarber
Commits on Jun 9, 2011
  1. @ianbarber
Commits on Jun 8, 2011
  1. @kevsmith

    Freshened up build to work via rebar only:

    kevsmith committed
    * Updated rebar version
    * Added pre/post build hooks to handle building ZeroMQ
    * Added c_src/Makefile to modularize build
Commits on Apr 8, 2011
  1. @evax
Commits on Apr 7, 2011
  1. @evax

    Use proper size_t definition

    evax committed
Commits on Mar 29, 2011
  1. @okeuday

    Keep socket mutexes since ZeroMQ sockets are not thread-safe. A robus…

    okeuday committed
    …t driver is important and locking overhead is minimal since it is a mutex per socket. Stability is more important than performance (i.e., not pursuing random crashes like the previous source code).
  2. @evax
Commits on Mar 28, 2011
  1. @okeuday
Commits on Mar 27, 2011
  1. @okeuday

    R14B01 causes active receive to have problems. R14B02 works with acti…

    okeuday committed
    …ve receive. Update test/comments based on testing.
  2. @okeuday

    Make the NIF more robust. Guard non-reentrant ZeroMQ sockets. Provide…

    okeuday committed
    … vector data structure for tracking NIF ZeroMQ socket requests without copying and realloc-ing for each poll loop iteration.
Commits on Mar 25, 2011
  1. @okeuday
  2. @okeuday
Commits on Mar 24, 2011
  1. @okeuday

    Simplify error handling by removing gotos. Simplify types and variabl…

    okeuday committed
    …es by removing underscore prefixes.
Commits on Mar 18, 2011
  1. @evax
  2. @evax
  3. @evax
  4. @evax
Commits on Mar 12, 2011
  1. @yrashk
Commits on Mar 9, 2011
  1. @yrashk

    Renamed ezmq to erlzmq2

    yrashk committed
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