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Ruby ClickStack

Using this ClickStack:

This stack uses Ruby 1.9.3, provided by ArchLinux x64

Use bundler to manage your gems

Use rake to do things (Default rake task is run[$app_port])

To specify different settings:

bees config:set MYAPP -Rargs='run[$app_port]'
bees app:restart MYAPP

Rails example:

Add a run.rake file in lib/tasks with:

task :run, :port do |t, args|
    exec "rails server -p #{args.port}"

And add those two lines to the Gemfile (To get a JavaScript runtime):

gem 'execjs'
gem 'therubyracer'

Prepare for deployment!

bundle install
zip ../ *
bees app:deploy -a myapp -t ruby ../

It's that easy!

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