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http://jsperf.com/javascript-templating-shootoff-extended/19 shows a healthy lead for doT, but 15x faster than underscore.

happy to help assert any other properties I've set for Dust.


Thanks! I'd be happy to merge this if you remove the 'speedy' and 'logicful' classes, and note in the name that this is LinkedIn's fork, not the original (https://github.com/akdubya/dustjs).


rektide: Would be nice if you follow up on the requested fix :)


would be happy to see linkedins fork of dust in there!

@garann garann added a commit that closed this pull request Jun 8, 2013
@garann added dust.js - closes #11 4bf5006
@garann garann closed this in 4bf5006 Jun 8, 2013

I changed the data format, meaning this couldn't be merged, so I added the note that this is LinkedIn's and removed the "speedy" designation. But it's added. Thanks!

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