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Note: If you are impatient, go to the bottom of this page for an example config-file setup to see what the waves could look like. Modify them as you please, but make sure to read this page before asking any questions!

Make sure to check out Agnate's MobArena Bosses and Waves Thread if you need inspiration for adding some cool bosses to your arenas!

About Modules

The new MobArena waves-system is extremely modular, meaning every time you plug in a new wave, you only have to provide the nodes required by the specific modules you are using. The modules can be broken into wave branches and wave types. The structure of the waves-section in config-file is the following:

        recurrent:                   <-- Wave branch
            <wave name>:
                type: <wave type>    <-- Wave type
                frequency: #
                priority: #
        single:                      <-- Wave branch
            <wave name>:
                type: <wave type>    <-- Wave type
                wave: #

Wave Branches

The waves are split into two branches, recurrent and single. Recurrent waves (may) occur more than once (as in, they repeat), given a frequency (how often they occur) and a priority (how "important" they are, i.e. which wave should spawn if two recurrent waves clash). Single waves occur just once, on the given wave (and always occur over recurrent waves, should they clash).

Common Nodes

As you can see, the two branches have one thing in common, the type-node. Other than that, their other nodes differ. However, there are two additional nodes that can be used regardless of branch and type (doesn't work for boss waves, though):

amount-multiplier: <decimal value> (optional) minimum value of 0.1, this multiplier helps determine how many monsters spawn per wave (minimum 1). If 8 mobs are supposed to spawn, and the value is 0.5, only 4 mobs will spawn. If the value is 3, 24 will spawn.

health-multiplier: <decimal value> (optional) minimum value of 0.1, this multiplier helps determine the health for each monster in a wave. If a zombie spawns with the default of 20 health points and the value is 0.5, the zombie will have 10 health points. If the value is 4, it will be 80 health points.

These two common nodes can be used to greatly customize the difficulty of the monsters in each wave. If you want more monsters, just set the amount-multiplier higher than 1, and maybe adjust the health with the health-multiplier accordingly. If you want the monsters to be tougher to kill, just up the health-multiplier.

An additional node can be used to help determine where enemies will spawn:

spawnpoints: <semi-colon separated list of spawnpoints>

For example, we can make a swarm wave spawn monsters only on spawns 5,53,198, -16,54,185, and -7,53,179 if players are in range:

    type: swarm
    wave: 11
    monster: zombie_pigman
    spawnpoints: 5,53,198; -16,54,185; -7,53,179

Note that these spawnpoints must exist in the spawnpoints-list of the coords-section to work.

Recurrent Waves

type: [default|special|swarm|supply|upgrade|boss] (required) determines the wave type. Read the Wave types section further down for more details.

frequency: # (required) determines how often the wave will/can spawn. With a frequency of 1, the wave can potentially spawn on every single wave number. The implicit default waves in MobArena have a frequency of 1, and the implicit special waves have a frequency of 4, which means the default waves (can) spawn every wave, and the special waves (can) spawn every 4th wave.

priority: # (required) determines how "important" the wave is. If two recurrent waves clash, the wave with the highest priority will spawn. The implicit default waves in MobArena have a priority of 1, and the implicit special waves have a priority of 2, which means if the default and special waves clash, the special waves will spawn because their priority is higher.

wave: # (optional) determines the first wave number on which this wave can/will spawn. This is useful for offsetting waves with similar frequencies. Note that if no wave is specified, it will default to the value of the (required) frequency-node. The implicit default waves in MobArena have wave value of 1, and the implicit special waves have a wave value of 4 (same as the frequency), which means the default waves may begin spawning from wave 1, and the special waves may begin spawning from wave 4.

Single Waves

type: [default|special|swarm|supply|upgrade|boss] (required) determines the wave type. Read the Wave types section further down for more details.

wave: # (required) determines the wave on which this wave will spawn. No matter what priority a recurrent wave have, if it clashes with a single wave, the single wave will always spawn instead of the recurrent waves. Single waves are good for extraordinary waves like "swarm" waves, "boss" waves or even normal waves with specific monster types, for instance.

Wave Types

All MobArena waves must specify a wave type, which must be either default, special, swarm, supply, upgrade or boss. These different wave type modules introduce some new required and optional nodes. Note that no matter what the wave type is, any wave must adhere to the requirements of the wave branch (read above).

Default Waves

Default waves are waves that spawn an amount of monsters picked semi-randomly from an optional list of monsters. The amount of monsters grow at a configurable (but optional) rate. If no growth or monster-list is specified, default waves will consist of 5 different monster types (zombie, skeleton, spider, creeper, wolf), all equally likely to spawn, spawned at the "old" growth rate (player count + wave number). Nodes:

growth: [old|slow|medium|fast|psycho] (optional) determines how fast the monster count grows with every wave. old means (player count + wave number), but the other four use a mathematical function to determine the monster count, also based on player count and wave number. See Formulas for more info.

monsters: <list of <monster>: <probability>> (optional) determines monster types, and their individual probabilities of spawning on each wave. Note that the probabilities are just that, probabilities. They do not specify exact amounts, but only chance of spawning. The following sample will statistically spawn twice as many zombies as skeletons:

        zombies: 10
        skeletons: 5

fixed: [true|false] (optional) the probability values in the monsters list becomes amount values instead, such that the above wave will spawn exactly 10 zombies and 5 skeletons, regardless of player count and wave number.

Special Waves

Special waves are waves that spawn one type of monster, and always a fixed amount. Unlike with default waves, the (optional) monster list with probabilities determines which monster out of the entire list should spawn. The monsters-node's notation is identical to that of default waves.

monsters: <list of <monster>: <probability>> (optional) determines monster types, and their probabilities of spawning on each wave. The following sample will statistically spawn powered-creepers twice as often as slimes:

        powered-creepers: 4
        slimes: 2

Swarm Waves

Like special waves, swarm waves spawn just one type of monster, but in a configurable (but optional) amount. The swarm wave monsters only have 1 health point, meaning they will die with just one blow from anything. Their numbers are vast compared to default and special waves, however, so they may be a bit hard on some servers. Use with caution!

monster: <monster> (required) which monster types the swarm consists of. Note that this is different from special waves, in that only one type is specified, and no probability value.

amount: [low|medium|high|psycho] (optional) how many monsters should spawn. Defaults to low (which is still a lot). See Formulas for more info.

Supply Waves

These waves spawn one monster per player, and will drop a random item from a customized drop list (same notation as the class items). The monster list notation is identical to that of default and special waves.

    drops: grilled_pork, cooked_chicken, cooked_beef, cooked_fish:2

Upgrade Waves

These waves don't spawn any monsters, but will give or upgrade items. The class names are optional (you don't have to give items to all classes), and it is possible to use the all identifier to specify items that will be given to all players regardless of class. The give-all-items flag determines if all items in the list should be given, or just a random item off the list (like with rewards and supply waves).

Legacy setup: In the following example, all players get a healing potion, and on top of that, all Archers get 64 arrows, and all Oddjobs get either 2 TNT or a Netherrack:

          all: potion:8197:1
          Archer: arrow:64
          Oddjob: tnt:2, netherrack
        give-all-items: false

Advanced setup: Since MobArena v0.95, the Upgrade Waves can be set up to upgrade/replace certain weapons and armor, as well as add/remove permissions. The setup follows the setup of the classes-section. In the following example, the Knight class gets its diamond sword enchanted and its iron chestplate replaced with a diamond chestplate. The Archer just gets some more arrows (legacy setup) while the Wizard class gets the permission to cast the Forcepush spell from MagicSpells:

    armor: iron_helmet, iron_chestplate, iron_leggings, iron_boots
    items: diamond_sword


          Archer: arrow:64
            armor: diamond_chestplate
            items: diamond_sword 16:2
            - magicspells.cast.forcepush
        give-all-items: true

Explanation: Items listed in the armor node will be considered armor, and (if valid) will replace any item currently in the armor slots of the players. Items in the items node will be checked if they are weapons or not; if they are weapons, then MobArena will search through the players' inventories for weapons with the same ID, and then replace the first weapon that matches it (automatic upgrades). If no weapon is found, it will default to a generic item, which will just be added to the inventory.

Boss Waves

Boss waves consist of one monster with a configurable (but optional) amount of health, and a configurable (but optional) list of special abilities. The health of a boss monster is significantly higher than that of normal monsters, and thus take much longer to kill. The special abilities help increase the difficulty (and fun!) of a boss wave.

monster: <monster> (required) the boss monster types. Note that only one monster will spawn.

name: <name> (optional) the name of the boss. Shows the given name in a name tag above the boss' head.

health: <amount>|[verylow|low|medium|high|veryhigh|psycho] (optional) how much health the boss has. Can be either a flat value, e.g. 40 or 800, or one of the scaling values. Defaults to the scaling value medium. See Formulas for more info about the scaling values.

reward: <item> (optional) a reward for getting the killing blow on the boss. This reward will only be given to one player (the killer, if any).

drops: <item list> (optional) a comma-separated list of items dropped by the boss when killed. The boss will drop exactly the items listed. This could be used to have the boss drop a "key" to advance in the arena, or to gain access to a shed full of weapon chests or something wonderful like that. The item syntax is the same as the one for Supply Waves.

potions: <potion list> (optional) a comma-separated list of potion effects that will be applied to the boss when it spawns. Use this to slow down or speed up bosses that don't move at quite the speed you want, or perhaps to give a boss the wither effect to limit the amount of time it will stay alive. The potion syntax is <effect>:<amplifier>:<seconds>. The amplifier and duration are optional, and will default to 0 (level 1) and pseudo-infinity, respectively. Note that slow, slow:0, and slow:0:600 are identical, except the last one will only last 10 minutes (600 seconds). Check the sample config-file at the bottom for more examples.

abilities: <comma-separated list of boss abilities> (optional) determines which (if any) boss abilities this boss has. The boss can have several abilities; just separate each ability with a comma (e.g. arrows, fire-aura, throw-target). Note that the abilities happen in a cycle every few seconds, so the more abilities, the longer it takes before each ability is used again. Here is an overview of the different abilities bosses can have:

    NAME                DESCRIPTION
    arrows              Shoots arrows
    fireballs           Hurls fireballs
    fire-aura           Burns all nearby (5 blocks radius) players
    lightning-aura      Strikes lightning 4 places around itself (3-block radius)
    living-bomb         A random player is set on fire, and explodes after 3 seconds
    obsidian-bomb       Spawns an Obsidian block which explodes after 4 seconds
    chain-lightning     Lightning strikes the target and jumps to a nearby player
    disorient-target    Spins the target around 45-315 degrees
    disorient-nearby    Spins all nearby (5 blocks radius) players
    disorient-distant   Spins all distant (8+ blocks) players
    root-target         Locks the target in place for a couple of seconds
    warp-to-player      Picks a random player in the arena to warp to
    shuffle-positions   Swaps everyone's (including the boss) positions around
    flood               Places a water block on a random player's location
    throw-target        Throws the target backwards (if in distance)
    throw-nearby        Throws all nearby (5 blocks radius) players
    throw-distant       Throws all distant (8+ blocks) players
    pull-target         Pulls the target towards the boss' location
    pull-nearby         Pulls all nearby (5 blocks radius) players towards the boss' location
    pull-distant        Pulls all distant (8+ blocks) players towards the boss' location
    fetch-target        Warps the target to the boss' location
    fetch-nearby        Warps all nearby (5 blocks radius) players to the boss' location
    fetch-distant       Warps all distant (8+ blocks) players to the boss' location

ability-announce: [true|false] (optional) should boss abilities be announced to arena players? Defaults to true.

ability-interval: <seconds> (optional) time between each ability. Defaults to 3.

Sample config-file setup

If you want to try a sample setup, here's one that you can use. Simply copy this block of text, and paste it into your own config-file, replacing the waves-section.

                    type: default
                    priority: 1
                    frequency: 1
                        zombies: 10
                        skeletons: 4
                        exploding_sheep: 5
                    type: default
                    priority: 2
                    frequency: 1
                    wave: 5
                        zombies: 10
                        skeletons: 6
                        creepers: 4
                    type: special
                    priority: 5
                    frequency: 4
                    wave: 4
                        powered_creepers: 10
                        angry_wolves: 10
                        zombie_pigmen: 10
                    type: upgrade
                    priority: 7
                    frequency: 10
                    wave: 10
                        all: potion:8197:2
                        Archer: arrow:64
                        Oddjob: tnt:2, netherrack
                    give-all-items: true
                    type: swarm
                    wave: 7
                    monster: slimes
                    amount: medium
                    type: boss
                    wave: 9
                    monster: spider
                    health: medium
                    abilities: fire-aura, disorient-target, fireballs, throw-nearby
                    potions: speed:3:20, wither, increase_damage:1
                    ability-interval: 5
                    type: boss
                    wave: 13
                    monster: zombie_pigman
                    health: high
                    abilities: root-target, arrows, fetch-distant, fire-aura
                    drops: lever, stone_button
                    type: upgrade
                    wave: 14
                        all: potion:8197:2
                            armor: diamond_helmet
                            items: diamond_sword 16:2;19:1
                            items: iron_sword 19:3
                            armor: iron_chestplate, iron_leggings
                            - magicspells.cast.ChainLightning
                    give-all-items: true
                    type: boss
                    wave: 16
                    monster: wolf
                    health: psycho
                    abilities: warp-to-player, fire-aura, throw-nearby, fireballs, fetch-target, arrows
                    potions: slow:1
                    ability-interval: 1
                    reward: diamond_chestplate
                    type: supply
                    wave: 19
                        cows: 10
                        pigs: 5
                    drops: grilled_pork, cooked_chicken, cooked_beef, cooked_fish:2
                    type: boss
                    wave: 20
                    monster: blaze
                    health: low
                    abilities: fire-aura, throw-nearby
                    potions: speed
                    reward: diamond_helmet