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All the Nix I have

Purpose of this repository is to collect all of my Nix/NixOS configuration in one place. This repository is not meant for you to depend on it, but it is a showcase how

Take good things from it. Complain about the weird things. Or just stop and say hi: @garbas


  • nixos/ (configuration for specific machine)
    • biedronka.nix (my gf's mom laptop)
    • zabka.nix (my gf's laptop)
    • nemo.nix (my work laptop)
    • oskar.nix (my personal laptop)
    • floki.nix (my server)
    • profiles/ (profile is a collection of nixos services)
      • base.nix (setup which only configures self updating)
      • rok.nix (my own setup, shared between my laptops)
      • gnome3.nix (setup I maintain for my famility)
  • pkgs/ (my custom packages which extend nixpkgs)
    • default.nix (list of all overrides)
    • config/ (confiurations for programs)
  • default.nix (imports pkgs/)
  • release.nix (hydra script)

Deploying a machine

Login as root on the existing NixOS installation and then::

% cd /etc/nixos
/etc/nixos % mv configuration.nix backup.nix
/etc/nixos % git clone
/etc/nixos % nixos-rebuild switch

Using packages without NixOS

Make sure you have nix installed on your system and then::

% mkdir -p ~/.nixpkgs/
% cd ~/.nixpkgs
~/.nixpkgs % git clone
~/.nixpkgs % echo "{ packageOverrides = pkgs: import ./dotfiles { inherit pkgs; }; }"

Read more about ~/.nixpkgs/config.nix.

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