Exclude cs filetype from default c-derivative mappings in favor of C#. #78

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Per default, cs filetype is mapped to c. That's been for ages now. However. nowadays it's fairly reasonable to say that C# is a distinct and different language as opposed to a plain C-derivative. With the popularity of Mono, Unity and the C# scripting services the number of active VIM users editing / working on C# files is growing. I'm one of those.

I think it's pretty much OK to exclude the default cs filetype mapping in favor of C# and a custom, distinct cs.snippets file. As for the latter, I made a contribution to snipmate-snippets with a default cs.snippets file as well.


@ilkerde hey... i know its been some time since i looked at snipmate but you think you can update your pull request?



@MarcWeber MarcWeber closed this Nov 21, 2012

@MarcWeber you mind pushing to this repository when closing issues? otherwise we'll end up having repository on one end and issues on another end.

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