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  1. Clone the repo
  2. npm install
  3. Run the app with npm start


  • npm run lint will lint
  • npm run lintfix will auto fix most issues

Todo list:---------- Trading ports other players Use a knight before roll

Small -------- Spend cards Begin game others not allowed to join game knight and road building will be cut off if refresh Need to update roomData when someone changes a room from chat server Also need to resend the ui to that room's ui Need to update playerData to remove the user if they have disconnected It should remember what room you were in last and connect you to that room

Not necessary for first time use ---------- 6 and 8 can't be next to each other victory point change should be changed in catanjs refactor longest road code into its own file Move dice into the svg

Intermittent---------- Knight still flashes even when no houses to rob

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