A Jeopardy! inspired Tau quiz game
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Taupardy! Fathom Tau Day 2015 Fathom Tau Day 2014

Taupardy! is a Jeopardy! inspired Tau quiz game for Processing!

It is particularly appropriate for Tau Day celebrations. Bundled with this code are the two panels we used for our own 2014 & 2015 celebrations, feel free to create your own ones and submit a pull request ;)

Taupardy! was created by Fathom Information Design and Jose Luis García del Castillo.

If you like this project and had fun with it, share the love! @fathominfo


  1. Download and install Processing.
  2. Taupardy! depends on Benedikt Groß's great Ani library. Make sure it is available in your system's Procesing/libraries.
  3. Download/clone the repo.
  4. Open taupardy.pde with the Processing IDE.
  5. Hit run. Enjoy!


Taupardy! is a collaborative game intended to be played as a group. Therefore, so far only one global player/score is supported.

You can click/tap on the questions on screen to give them focus. When a question is highlighted, use:

  • a key to display the answer
  • y to indicate the question was correctly answered, and add the score
  • n to indicate the opposite
  • x any time for game over and final screen

You can create and customize your own question panels by following the template .xls files in the /data folder, and then exporting it to utf-8 CSV. Then pointing to the appropriate .csv file via the panelFileName variable.


The Fathom Team


See license.