A DynamoBIM package for real-time reading of HTC Vive tracking data
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ViveTrack is a DynamoBIM package that allows real-time reading of HTC Vive spatial tracking data.


If you have a working HTC Vive set, just download this package from Dynamo's package manager and look at the sample files.

In 01_Hello_Vive.dyn you can find an example that tracks the position of all possible Vive objects and previews them in the background:

02_Surface_Painting.dyn uses controller tracking and trigger buttons to trace a series of lines in space and loft them into a surface, via the DataRecorder goodie:


If you build something cool, please tweet me!

Some projects built with ViveTrack by the community:

Lejla's uses trackers to move a virtual camera inside a Revit model at Autodesk's VR Center in Munich.


ViveTrack for Dynamo is a port from the awesome project by Chen Jingcheng. It is built using the OpenVR runtime.

This package was developed at the Generative Design Group at Autodesk.

Feel free to report issues and contribute.