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A worldmap written in HTML5 canvas, which you can use to display custom country views.
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Code base is by Jon Combe (, who released under the MIT license. Thanks Jon!

This collection of Javascript files allow you to display a flexible worldmap using HTML5 canvas.

Things you can do include:

  • Drawing the world map at different zoom levels, in the size of your choice.
  • Customize the colors and border thickness of the map
  • Color countries

Essential files you always need to include are:

  • the Jquery library
  • worldmap.js

If you wish to dynamically modify the worldmap, you also need to include:

  • worldmap-control.js
  • worldmap-control.html provides an example set of HTML controls (needs to be included via PHP/other means).

There are a couple examples included:

  • worldmap-example.html is a "read-only" version highlighting several countries.
  • worldmap.php is a dynamic version in which the user can custom repaint the map.


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