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vHelix - Free-form DNA-nanostructure design
Linux x64
- Copy the included '' to your Autodesk Maya 2011
'bin\plug-ins' directory, usually under the path:
- Notice that this usually requires root access, if that is not a
possibility, see instructions below
- Start Autodesk Maya 2011
- In Maya, select 'Window' > 'Settings/Preferences' > 'Plug-in Manager'
- In the newly opened dialog window, locate the '' at the
bottom of the list under 'Other Registered Plugins' and make sure the
checkbox 'Loaded' is enabled
- If you want the plug-in to automatically load upon starting
Autodesk Maya 2011, make sure the 'Auto load' is enabled
- The plug-in is now loaded and a new menu item named 'Helix' should have
appeared in the Maya main window
If you are, for example using a public computer, and not able to move files
into the 'plug-ins' directory, you can still load the vHelix plugin using a
MEL command. To do this:
- Open up the 'Script Editor' by clickin on the icon in the bottom right corner
of the Maya main window or click 'Window' > 'General Editors' > 'Script Editor'.
- In the 'Script Editor' window that just opened, in the box labelled 'MEL',
enter the following command:
loadPlugin "/home/<path-to-your-vHelix-plugin-mll-file>/"
using the path to where you saved the downloaded vHelix plugin. Note that MEL
requires that backslashes '\\' must occur twice as directory separators.
- Click the arrow shaped button 'Execute' on the upper row of the
'Script Editor' window.
- Note that you can save the command as a shortcut icon on any panel by
chosing 'File' > 'Save Script to Shelf...'
- When the command is executed, the plug-in is loaded and a new menu item named
'Helix' should appear in the Maya main window
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