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kubernetes module type example

This is a simple example demonstrating the kubernetes module type. The kubernetes module type is useful when you want to deploy your own manifests to Kubernetes, but don't need the features (and complexity) of helm modules.

This example contains a redis module and a postgres module. Both contain manifests that are, for the purposes of this example, rendered from their respective official Helm charts (by running the helm template command).

The redis module has its manifests in a separate YAML file, whereas the postgres module has the manifests inlined in the garden.yml file, which allows us to use template strings to set variable values. We set the Postgres instance password through a variable in the project garden.yml to demonstrate that capability.

To give it a spin, just run garden deploy in the module directory.

To see that the Postgres password was correctly set, run kubectl -n kubernetes-module get secret postgres -o yaml and check that the password matches the one in the project garden.yml file.

Further reading

There's not much more to it, but you can check out the module type reference for more details.

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