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Voting example project

An example application, that showcases a variety of Garden features, such as service dependencies, tasks, running databases, hot reloading, and ingress configuration.

The app is a simple voting application, where you can vote for either cats or dogs. You can vote as many times as you would like, and observe the results live in the result service.


Start by running garden deploy or garden dev in the project's top-level directory, to spin the stack up.

garden dev
Good afternoon! Let's get your environment wired up...

✔ local-kubernetes          → Configured
✔ jworker                   → Building jworker:8bbc389b3e... → Done (took 0.6 sec)
✔ postgres                  → Building → Done (took 0.4 sec)
✔ result                    → Building result:8bbc389b3e... → Done (took 0.5 sec)
✔ vote                      → Building vote:8bbc389b3e-1543837972... → Done (took 0.5 sec)
✔ redis                     → Checking status → Version 8bbc389b3e already deployed
✔ db                        → Checking status → Version 8bbc389b3e already deployed
✔ result                    → Checking status → Version 8bbc389b3e already deployed

Note: If you're running minikube, you may need to add the appropriate entries to your /etc/hosts file. Find the IP for your local cluster by running minikube ip and add an entry with that IP for each of, and This is not necessary when using Docker for Desktop, because your cluster will then be exposed directly on localhost.

To Vote

The voting UI is at Open a browser tab, and try voting a few times.

View Results

In a separate tab, open The results there will reflect in real-time your voting.

Try out hot-reloading

Hot-reloading needs to be enabled per service when starting garden deploy or garden dev:

garden dev --hot=vote
# OR garden deploy --hot=vote

Then try making a change to one of the source files in the vote service, to see it synchronize into the running container, instead of the normal build+deploy flow. Note that changing the file will also trigger a build and some tests, but the hot-reloading should complete almost instantly while those take longer to complete.