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This is documentation for the app.js server script. Please edit if you find it out-of-date or incomplete.

Routing requests

  • Requested resources are templated into plugs if metadata or type require it:
    • If resource is a zip file, serve directly (do not template / route).
    • If resource is a text file, embed its content into a text editor.
    • If resource is a folder, embed a list of its files into a file explorer.
    • If resource metadata require a specific plug, use that plug as template.

Ajax actions

  • profiler serves profiling information about the server.

  • fs filesystem primitives:

    • create a new entry (file or folder)
    • read an entry (file or folder)
    • apply an operation (insert or delete content)
    • delete an entry
  • meta-save mutate metadata of a file system entry

  • upload import bulk files as new entries

  • join an IRC channel

  • say something on an IRC channel