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AWS: gRPC based external driver for machine-controller-manager
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This project contains the external/out-of-tree driver implementation of machine-controller-manager for AWS. This implementation adheres to the machine-interface defined at following project:

Fundamental Design Principles:

Following are the basic principles kept in mind while developing the external driver.

  • Communication between external driver and machine-controller is achieved using gRPC mechanism.
  • External driver behaves as gRPC-server and machine-controller behaves as gRPC client.
  • Cloud-provider specific contract should be scoped under ProviderSpec field. ProviderSpec field is expected to be raw-bytes at machine-controller-side. External driver should have pre-defined typed-apis to parse the ProviderSpec to make necessary CP specific calls.
  • External drivers do not need to communicate with kubernetes api-server.
    • Kubeconfig may not be available to external-drivers.

Sequence Diagram:

Sequence Diagram

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