Single photon tools for Neuroscience
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FinchScope Project



The FinchScope project aims to provide a modular in-vivo optophysiology rig, with a transparent acquisition and analysis pipeline. The goal is to produce a customizable and scaleable single-photon fluorescent imaging microscope system that takes advantage of developing open-source analysis platforms. You can read more about the project here.

The project was developed by Will Liberti in the Gardner Lab, for multi-month imaging of neural activity in songbirds [1] [2] [3] and rodents. This effort would not have been possible without the critical advice and support at the outset of the project by Daniel Aharoni and Peyman Golshani, of the UCLA Miniscope project




Finchscope Microscope

The FinchScope is a lightweight wireless-capable microscope for biological imaging- Designed specifically for monitoring the neural activity (via genetically encoded calcium indicators) of zebra finches while they sing their courtship songs. You can find the Construction and Assembly Guide for the Microscope, As well as a for the Data Acquisition Box (DAQ). Also, we have a Guide Through a Basic Analysis Pipeline

Active Commutator

The Active Commutator is a low cost, low noise, active(driven by a motor and sensor) electrical rotary joint designed for electrophysiology (single and multichannel micro-electrode arrays) and optophysiology ( optogenetics, miniature microscopes, and fiber photometry).


If you use any part of this project in your work, please cite out Journal of Neural Engineering Paper: Liberti III, William A., et al. "An open source, wireless capable miniature microscope system." Journal of neural engineering 14.4 (2017): 045001.