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* Only call pony-mode on the buffer if it exists.
* Remove autoload cookie (no need for it).
* Put the name of the created buffer in a variable to avoid repetition.
* If the database shell buffer already exists, pop to the old one.
* Set sql-user etc locally using let.
* No need for enumeration of SQL backends: use sql-product-alist.
* Call sql-product-interactive instead of sql-connect-*.
* Call rename-buffer with unique set to t so that it doesn't throw an error if the buffer already exists.
* Fold pony-get-db-settings into pony-db-shell since it's only used here.
Closes #43.
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commit 2cbd7cd50137bf0fc7a74146e1d9142a64abb0fc 1 parent 68dfe94
@gareth-rees authored
Showing with 43 additions and 53 deletions.
  1. +43 −53 pony-mode.el
96 pony-mode.el
@@ -136,22 +136,24 @@ but allows paths rather than filenames"
;; Emacs
-(defun* pony-pop(buffer &key dirlocals)
- "Wrap pop-to and get buffer.
+(defun* pony-pop (buffer-or-name &key dirlocals)
+ "Select `buffer-or-name' in some window, as for `pop-to-buffer'.
+Return the selected buffer if successful, or `nil' otherwise.
-If the optional argument DIR-LOCALS happens to be non-nil then set the
+If the optional keyword argument `:dirlocals' is non-nil, set the
variable `dir-local-variables-alist' in the target buffer to be
-equal to the value in the buffer we are popping to.
-This is useful because comint buffers without filenames associated
-will otherwise not pick up things like project settings in .dir-locals.el"
- (let ((dlocals (if dirlocals
- dir-local-variables-alist)))
- (pop-to-buffer (get-buffer buffer))
- (pony-mode)
- (if dlocals
- (pony-local! 'dir-local-variables-alist dlocals))))
+equal to the value in the current buffer. This is useful because
+comint buffers without filenames associated will otherwise not
+pick up directory-local settings."
+ (let ((buffer (get-buffer buffer-or-name))
+ (current-locals dir-local-variables-alist))
+ (when buffer
+ (pop-to-buffer buffer)
+ (pony-mode)
+ (and dirlocals
+ current-locals
+ (pony-local! 'dir-local-variables-alist current-locals)))
+ buffer))
(defun pony-comint-pop(name command args)
@@ -532,46 +534,34 @@ locally with .dir-locals.el."
;; Database
-(defstruct pony-db-settings engine name user pass host)
-(defun pony-get-db-settings()
- "Get Pony's database settings"
- (let ((db-settings
- (if (pony-setting-p "DATABASE_ENGINE")
- (make-pony-db-settings
- :engine (pony-get-setting "DATABASE_ENGINE")
- :name (pony-get-setting "DATABASE_NAME")
- :user (pony-get-setting "DATABASE_USER")
- :pass (pony-get-setting "DATABASE_PASSWORD")
- :host (pony-get-setting "DATABASE_HOST"))
- (make-pony-db-settings
- :engine (pony-get-setting "DATABASES['default']['ENGINE']")
- :name (pony-get-setting "DATABASES['default']['NAME']")
- :user (pony-get-setting "DATABASES['default']['USER']")
- :pass (pony-get-setting "DATABASES['default']['PASSWORD']")
- :host (pony-get-setting "DATABASES['default']['HOST']")))))
- db-settings))
-(defun pony-db-shell()
- "Run sql-XXX for this project"
+(defun pony-db-shell ()
+ "Run interpreter for this project's default database as an inferior process."
- (let ((db (pony-get-db-settings)))
- (progn
- (setq sql-user (pony-db-settings-user db))
- (setq sql-password (pony-db-settings-pass db))
- (setq sql-database (pony-db-settings-name db))
- (setq sql-server (pony-db-settings-host db))
- (if (equalp (pony-db-settings-engine db) "mysql")
- (sql-connect-mysql)
- (if (string-match "sqlite3" (pony-db-settings-engine db))
- (let ((sql-sqlite-program pony-sqlite-program))
- (sql-connect-sqlite))
- (if (equalp (pony-db-settings-engine db) "postgresql_psycopg2")
- (sql-connect-postgres))))
- (pony-pop "*SQL*")
- (rename-buffer "*PonyDbShell*"))))
+ (let ((buffer-name "*pony-db-shell*")
+ (db-format (if (pony-setting-p "DATABASE_ENGINE") "DATABASE_%s"
+ "DATABASES['default']['%s']")))
+ (if (comint-check-proc buffer-name)
+ (pop-to-buffer buffer-name)
+ (flet ((db-setting (name) (pony-get-setting (format db-format name)))
+ ;; Rebind sql-get-login so that sql-product-interactive
+ ;; doesn't try to prompt the user.
+ (sql-get-login (&rest what)))
+ (let* ((db-engine (db-setting "ENGINE"))
+ (engine (car (last (split-string db-engine "\\."))))
+ (sql-product
+ (loop for product in sql-product-alist
+ if (search (symbol-name (car product)) engine)
+ return (car product)
+ finally do
+ (error "Don't know how to connect to %s" engine)))
+ (sql-user (db-setting "USER"))
+ (sql-password (db-setting "PASSWORD"))
+ (sql-database (db-setting "NAME"))
+ (sql-server (db-setting "HOST")))
+ (sql-product-interactive)
+ (when (pony-pop "*SQL*")
+ (rename-buffer buffer-name t)))))))
;; Fabric

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