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# Import Modules
from flask import Flask, render_template
from flask_socketio import SocketIO, emit
from helper import get_closest_stn, join_stn_data, plot_route, fetch_data # a helper python file
import numpy as np
from datetime import datetime
# Socket IO Flask App Setup
app = Flask(__name__)
app.config['SECRET_KEY'] = 'secret!'
socketio = SocketIO(app)
# disable caching
def add_header(r):
Add headers to both force latest IE rendering engine or Chrome Frame,
and also to cache the rendered page for 10 minutes.
r.headers["Cache-Control"] = "no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate"
r.headers["Pragma"] = "no-cache"
r.headers["Expires"] = "0"
r.headers['Cache-Control'] = 'public, max-age=0'
return r
# Flask App
def index():
return render_template('map.html')
@socketio.on('my event')
def main(message):
This app fetches bike share data from the City of Toronto and the user's location from the client. It then determines the top 5 closest bike stations to the user and returns a route to the closest station prior to sending this information back to the client to be plotted on a map.
message: GEO data that comes from the client containing the user's longitude and latitude.
client_data: Socket_io sends (emits) data back to the client containing data from the top 5 closest stations to the user and
any route information. This data will be used to plot the top 5 stations on a leaflet map.
# Fetch 2 toronto bike share data feeds and store in stn_attr, stn_status
stn_attr, stn_status = fetch_data()
# Merge Station Information and Station Status
all_stn_data = join_stn_data(stn_status, stn_attr)
# Store User's Lat / Lon data from the client via socketio into a data variable
# print(message)
data = np.array(list(message.values()))
# The user's lat / lon coordinates
mylat = data[0][0]
mylon = data[0][1]
# mycoord will be used in some functions from
mycoord = [mylat,mylon]
# get a list of stations and their distances sorted by closest station to the user's lat / lon
distances_to_all = get_closest_stn(mycoord, all_stn_data)
# Get the closest stations lat / lon and the user's distance to the closest station (in km)
closest_lat = distances_to_all[0][4]
closest_lon = distances_to_all[0][5]
closest_distance = distances_to_all[0][1]
# If the user's distance is less than 2 km away from a station,
# fetch all of the lat/lon positions between the user and the closest station.
if closest_distance <= 2:
# get route lat / lon data
route = plot_route(mylat,mylon,closest_lat,closest_lon)
if route == None:
route = 0
print('No route data available')
# do nothing
route = 0
print("Route too far to plot")
# slice distances_to_all and get the top 5 closest stations
top5closest_stns = distances_to_all[0:5]
# Prepare to send the top 5 closest stations and route information back to the client
client_data = [top5closest_stns, route]
# Send the top 5 closest stations and route information back to the client
emit('my_response', {'data': client_data})
if __name__ == '__main__':