Software for controlling and analysing T-Bots (Balancing robots)
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TBot - Main code to run T-Bot

DCMotorTest - Simple example to drive motors using the TB6612FNG driver board (used to calibrate motors)

BluetoothChangeName - Used to set BAUD rate, set name for T-Bot and get MAC address

BTListen - Read in data coming from Bluetooth controllers (useful if you want to make your own controller)

Python - Python code to retrieve and analyse data from the T-Bot - Libraries require to run the T-Bot. These can be extracted directly into the Arduino libraries folder.

Ultrasound - Simple example to interrogate the HC-SR04 ultrasound module

ReadGyro - Simple example to interrogate MPU-6050 sensor

TBot_Joystick_Python_PYBLUEZ - Bluetooth joystick written in python - Requires python-bluez and Bluez

TBot_Joystick_Python_SOCKET - Bluetooth joystick written in python - Python3

Install the arduino IDE form Import the libraries by extracting directly in the Arduino library folder. Open TBot.ino and click on the upload button to send the code to your T-Bot.