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File Structure:

TBot - Main code to run T-Bot.

Development - Check this folder regularly. This is where experimental software will show up first.

DCMotorTest - Simple example to drive motors using the TB6612FNG driver board (used to calibrate motors).

BluetoothChangeName - Used to set BAUD rate, set name for T-Bot and get MAC address.

BTListen - Read in data coming from Bluetooth controllers (useful if you want to make your own controller).

Python - Python code to retrieve and analyse data from the T-Bot. - Libraries required to run the T-Bot. These can be extracted directly into the Arduino libraries folder.

Ultrasound - Simple example to interrogate the HC-SR04 ultrasound module.

ReadGyro - Simple example to interrogate MPU-6050 sensor.

SchedulerExample - A simple example to show you how to use a schedular instead of nested loops.

Joystick - Wireless USB controller to Bluetooth bridge written in python - You can use a USB Joystick or PS3 / PS4 controller - python-bluez / socket - works on Linux.

TBot_Joystick_Python_PYBLUEZ - Bluetooth joystick written in python - Requires python-bluez and Bluez - works on Linux.

TBot_Joystick_Python_SOCKET - Bluetooth joystick written in python - Python3 - works on Linux.

TBot_Joystick_Python_Pyserial - Bluetooth joystick written in python - Works on Windows and Mac.


  1. Install the arduino IDE from
  2. Import the libraries by extracting directly in the Arduino library folder.
  3. You will need to select Tools -> Board -> Arduino Nano.
  4. Open TBot.ino and click on the upload button to send the code to your T-Bot.

💡 Note: Windows users need to use the old boot loader. In the Arduino IDE select TOOLS > PROCESSOR > in the pull down menu change ATmega328P to ATmega328P (Old Bootloader).

💡 Note: Raspberry Pi users will need to download the ARM 32 bit version.


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