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  • Working Docker Desktop install with Kubernetes enabled
  • docker-app installed
  • Source code from this directory
  • Create a context with docker-app context
  • Set the DOCKER_TARGET_CONTEXT environment variable


Show the details of the application with inspect

$ docker-app inspect
hello 0.1.0

Maintained by: garethr <>

sample app for DockerCon

Service (1) Replicas Ports Image
----------- -------- ----- -----
hello       1        8765  hashicorp/http-echo:latest

Parameters (3) Value
-------------- -----
port           8765
text           hello DockerCon
version        latest

Install the application:

docker-app install

Show the details of the installation:

docker-app status hello

Upgrade the installation, demonstrating setting parameters:

docker-app upgrade hello --set port=9876 --set text="hello again"

Uninstall the application installation:

docker-app uninstall hello

Demonstrate building a bundle.json for CNAB.

$ docker-app bundle
Invocation image "hello:0.1.0-invoc" successfully built