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  • Working Docker Desktop install with Kubernetes enabled
  • docker-app installed
  • Source code from this directory
  • Create a context with docker-app context
  • Set the DOCKER_TARGET_CONTEXT environment variable


First take a look at the application locally:

$ docker-app inspect
monitoring 0.1.0

Maintained by: Gareth Rushgrove <>

A basic prometheus stack

Services (2) Replicas Ports Image
------------ -------- ----- -----
prometheus   1        9090  prom/prometheus:latest
alertmanager 1        9093  prom/alertmanager:latest

Parameters (4)        Value
--------------        -----
ports.alertmanager    9093
ports.prometheus      9090
versions.alertmanager latest
versions.prometheus   latest

Let's now push that application to Docker Hub for sharing.

docker-app push --namespace <your-namespace>

For the next set of examples we don't need the local files, in fact this could be on another machine entirely.

Let's inspect the application again:

docker-app inspect <your-namespace>/monitoring:0.1.0

And then install the application from Hub.

docker-app install <your-namespace>/monitoring:0.1.0