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  • Working Docker Desktop install
  • docker-app installed
  • Source code from this directory
  • Create a context with docker-app context
  • Set the DOCKER_TARGET_CONTEXT environment variable


Let's install the hello world example. Note that this doesn't run any containers on Docker or Kubernetes, it just demonstrates the basic verbs.

$ docker-app install bundle.json
Port parameter was set to 8080
Install action
Action install complete for helloworld

Grab the status of the application:

$ docker-app status helloworld
Port parameter was set to 8080
Status action
Action status complete for helloworld

Finally uninstall it:

$ docker-app uninstall helloworld
Port parameter was set to 8080
uninstall action
Action uninstall complete for helloworld

Not required, but you can show interop with duffle here if you're using it. For example you can list claims in Duffle and it will show applications installed via docker-app

$ duffle claims list