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Puppet module for Riemann, published on the Puppet Forge
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Puppet module for installing and managing Riemann, the event agregation and monitoring tool.

This module is also available on the Puppet Forge

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The module includes three main components:

include riemann
include riemann::dash
include riemann::tools

Riemann represents the Riemann daemon and associated configuration, riemann:dash the dashboard and riemann::tools the client and a couple of daemons for pushing example data into Riemann.


The riemann class has some defaults that can be overridden, for instance if you wanted a specific version of riemann:

class { 'riemann': version => '0.1.1' }

More useful is probably the ability to override the default configuration file.

class { 'riemann': config_file => '/etc/riemann.config' }

In this last case you're responsible for making sure that file exists, via another puppet resource or otherwise.


For a fully working example of this module you may also be interested in the riemann-vagrant project.

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